Ryan Lutes for NSTU President

Strengthen our Resolve, Raise our Expectations

Organize and Strengthen

The NSTU has seen loss after loss over the past 10 years. From our service award, to attempting to unilaterally remove school based specialists from the Union, to unfair bargaining, the NSTU has been in the cross hair of government. In order for our NSTU to be effective, we need to organize our members differently. What we are doing currently is not working. We need to plan for our next round of collective bargaining well before the two sides exchange asking packages. The NSTU needs to use the next year to organize our membership, so the government knows that our bargaining team has 9300+ members standing behind it.

Increase Diversity in our Classrooms

Our NSTU has recently taken steps to make our organization more inclusive and representative. But we need to take steps to get more teachers from equity-deserving groups into our classrooms. Our kids deserve this.

Raise standards for working conditions

Teachers are stressed beyond belief. The pandemic has magnified the stresses of our daily work. In order to create a profession that will start to attract the best and brightest, we must fight and WIN better working conditions.

In my career, I cannot think of one thing that has improved. Instead, we have seen a constant erosion of our working conditions, and the expectations of teachers, counsellors, and specialists continually increased.

We can do this through organizing and engaging our members differently.

Lift Your Voice
  • Over the last 6 years, 5 as Local President of the Halifax City Local, I’ve been a vocal advocate for teachers
  • Spoken at Law Amendments Committee
  • Written numerous opinion pieces advocating for teachers
  • Interviews on Rick Howe Show, Todd Veinotte, Sheldon MacLeod
  • Vocal on social media to advocate for our profession
Raise Your Voice and Listen

Our NSTU Locals, through their schools NSTU Reps, and their Local Executives, are the major connection between the NSTU, and our teachers. We need to strengthen the voice of our Locals. I don’t believe our NSTU is harnassing the power of its own leaders. Our Local leaders have more to give to our organization, but our structure has to allow them to be effective. In providing a mechanism for Local Presidents, and their our members, to have more say in our NSTU, we will help to create a Union that is more representative of us all.

A strong Union has to be one of a dialogue. Our members need a more direct way of dialoguing with our President. As your President, I will hold regular town halls, or Zooms to engage with members. A strong Union doesn’t engage with its members only at bargaining time. Teachers are some of the most creative, passionate people – our NSTU will be stronger by hearing from our members on a more regular basis.

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